What is a JOG?

  • According to, a journey of generosity is a spiritual retreat hosted by someone who wants to encourage a conversation about generosity amongst friends


  • Five sessions containing scripture, teachings, video stories, and discussion led by a trainer facilitator


  • A chance to talk about generosity without any financial ask


“Money is connected to every part of our lives. We have found that refocusing our beliefs about money can bring clarity and vision to every part of our lives.”



“Since honest discussions about our wealth are rare, these times together become a highlight for many men, women, and couples.”



“God shapes our hearts during these spiritual retreats, changing the way we live in ways that bring more joy and abundance.”


Our Journey of Generosity

Recently myself and my wife Madalyn attended a retreat called Journey of Generosity. With both of our connections to fundraising, it seemed like a good way to spend some time away and learn a few new ways to raise money. However, it impacted both of us in ways we never would have expected. Journey of Generosity is not about fundraising, but understanding the Biblical gift that generosity is for Christians. Think about this: have you ever seen an unhappy giver? Contrast that with someone who holds tight to everything they own, worrying day and night over the security of what they have. This retreat focuses on how each person approaches their own wealth and resources and how God would have them make a difference in the world. Journey of Generosity is a safe place to talk about money, as there is no cost to attend and no ask of any money whatsoever. It is 100% about examining how God would have you share what you have and rely on His provision.

After the retreat, I was so moved that I have gone through the training to become a facilitator for them and make myself available to lead groups when my schedule allows. This is tricky as I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER tm by occupation, but when I am facilitating I am just another person that wants to see people seek God for guidance on their resources. I will not promote my practice or solicit business at any retreat. This is my promise to you. If you are interested in hosting a retreat at your house, please reach out directly on my cell phone, (919) 270-4100 and we can discuss the details. Below are a couple of resources that may helo you in evaluating the retreats. I look forward to helping God share His generosity with you and you sharing your generosity with others.



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