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by | Sep 9, 2016 | News and Updates

I just got back from Nashville TN where I provided education for the Society of Financial Service Professionals, a group of over 25 CPA’s, Attorney’s, Insurance Agents and Financial Advisors. I had been invited to come to help them better understand Social Security and how to better educate their clients on the subject. The presentation was Using Social Security, the Red-Headed Stepchild, in Retirement Planning. The truth is that Social Security is probably the most overlooked component of retirement planning and in reality one of the most important. There were excellent questions and quite a few misconceptions were addressed. We spend some time on the new rules but also on how to use the old ones better for their clients. Once of the core values of my company is education and I believe by helping others have a better understanding all benefit.  Here is what one of the organizers of the event had to say about the presentation.

Today the Nashville FSP Chapter featured a program from Steve Gaito CFP®, Retirement Resource Management Founder and Social Security Consultant.  He was wonderful , insightful, and received rave reviews from our packed room!  His topic:  Using Social Security, the Red-Headed Step Child, in Retirement Planning.

I have worked with Steve for several years when he was Director of the Advisor and Enterprise Solutions for Social Security Solutions.  He recently left to start his own company, and I was delighted to find that he was willing to talk to our FSP Chapter.   I can attest that Steve knows the Social Security system inside and out as well as how to integrate and maximize Social Security with retirement planning.   Besides all of that knowledge, he is an excellent presenter.
Wallene, Nashville TN

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