Who We Are

To help you understand my background here are a few of the highlights:

    • Headshot PictureCERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Practitioner
    • Expert on Social Security optimization
    • 9 years training financial advisors on Social Security
    • National speaker on Social Security optimization and asset integration
    • Quoted in National and regional publications such as USA Today, Fox Business News and Money Magazine
    • Educator on Retirement Planning, Long-Term Care and Healthcare
    • 26 years experience as a financial advisor
    • Married 31 years with 3 kids

It is hard to get to know someone on a web page, but hopefully, after reading this you will see my passion for helping others. From early on in my life, I have served others. As a counselor at Camp Sea Gull, a YMCA camp, to setting up nonprofit pensions, to providing free education on retirement planning, a constant thread runs through my life. It is to put others first. For most of my professional life, I have worked in retirement planning. I have been a financial advisor, had my own Registered Investment Advisory firm and created a Retirement Education company.

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Then about 9 years ago I noticed one glaring area in retirement that was overlooked. It was Social Security. Since then I have spent a great deal of time understanding Social Security, educating financial professionals about Social Security, speaking on a national level about the importance of Social Security and being recognized as an expert in the area of Social Security Optimization. Along the way, I also discovered that there were other areas that people could control in retirement that was overlooked. How taxes impact your cash flow, the balance between your qualified assets or IRA’s, non-qualified assets or bank and brokerage accounts, and tax-free assets such as Roth IRA’s. These are all taxed differently and Required Minimum Distributions can significantly impact the rate your income is taxed. Finally, a question that almost everyone has, is how long should I work? Recently three other areas have become very important. Long-Term Care, taxes and Healthcare. Most would love great healthcare and protect their family from a long-term care event and pay less taxes. 

This is why I created Retirement Resource Management. Until now there has not been an objective way to leverage the areas you can control and bring them all together. By using my extensive experience I have created an affordable way to help you make the best decisions in retirement. Since I believe in education and have taught across the country I want to provide ways for you to understand the opportunities before you in retirement. Once you understand the opportunities I provide affordable analysis to give you the facts so you can make an educated decision. If you have a more complicated situation I provide consulting on an hourly basis.

The fact is that there are very few people that have my knowledge of Social Security, retirement income planning, NCTRS, Long-Term Care, Healthcare, income tax minimization and education in the country. My goal is to provide this expertise in an affordable way to everyone.

On the personal side, I have been married to my wife Madalyn for 31 years and we have 3 children. I love teaching, building and spending time with friends on our boat in the mountains. I used to play golf and look forward to playing more now that my two boys enjoy the game. We are active in our church and travel internationally. My kids often joke that my best friend is our dog who is spoiled rotten.

I hope this helps you get a better picture of me and why I started this company. I truly believe that by giving people an education for free and providing affordable analysis to give people the facts they can then make better decisions in retirement.

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