It is hard to get to know someone on a web page, but hopefully, after reading this you will see my passion for helping others. From early on in my life, I have served others.

As a counselor at Camp Sea Gull, a YMCA camp, to setting up nonprofit pensions, to providing free education on retirement planning, a constant thread runs through my life—to put others first.

For most of my professional life, I have worked in retirement planning. I have been a financial advisor, had my own Registered Investment Advisory firm and created a Retirement Education company.

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To help you understand my background here are a few of the highlights:


    • Expert on Social Security optimization

    • 10 years training financial advisors on Social Security

    • National speaker on Social Security optimization and asset integration

    • Quoted in National and regional publications such as USA Today, Fox Business News and Money Magazine

    • Educator on Retirement Planning, Long-Term Care and Healthcare

    • 27 years of experience as a financial advisor




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