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January 2017 Newsletter

New Year, New President, Same problems with Social Security. First off, Happy New Year. I hope that 2017 is one of your best years ever. After taking a break over Christmas, it is time to get back...

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The Runway

Several years ago, at a conference, I heard a story of a commercial pilot that had taken one of his friends flying in his personal plane. After an afternoon soaring above the clouds, it was time to...

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Are You Coachable?

I was watching a special on Olympic Athletes and when they asked the athlete what was the difference between them and all the other athletes that did not make the Olympics his response amazed me. He...

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Busy Week

This week started with a series of 3 educational events. The first was a pilot program sponsored by Municipal Benefits with the Town of Apex. Special thank you to Eleanor Green for working with us...

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Is Social Security a Ponzi Scheme?

Well, it happened again. I was on Facebook looking at pictures of friends and trying to ignore political posts when a post came up about Social Security. This always intrigues me, so I opened the...

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What is your number?

I recently saw an article that emphasized that you should have some magic number of assets saved up for retirement. While I agree that the assets play an important part in retirement planning, often...

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Rocky Mount Educational Event

We had a great event at Benvenue Country Club in Rocky Mount NC. At a lunch meeting, I had the opportunity to share how to get more out of Social Security benefits for a group of about 15 people....

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New Social Security SCAM

I was sent an article that recently appeared in the McDowell News, a local paper in the mountains of NC, that details a new scam meant to first scare people about Social Security and falsely uses a...

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Educational Seminar in Raleigh

Thanks to Tim Tucker and World Builders for affording me the opportunity to share my expertise on Social Security and Retirement Resource Management. With the gas shortage, I realize that some of...

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Trip to Nashville

I just got back from Nashville TN where I provided education for the Society of Financial Service Professionals, a group of over 25 CPA’s, Attorney's, Insurance Agents and Financial Advisors. I had...

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It happens all too frequently on Twitter. Someone without any credentials writes a piece that says you should always take Social Security as early as possible. Their rationale is that you may have...

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Disaster Avoided

One of the reasons I started this company was to help people make better decisions. I recently met with Bonnie to help her plan for her retirement. We went through her Social Security and looked at...

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