Are You Coachable?

by | Oct 28, 2016 | News and Updates

I was watching a special on Olympic Athletes and when they asked the athlete what was the difference between them and all the other athletes that did not make the Olympics his response amazed me. He did not say he was a much better athlete, or he had gifts that others did not have, rather he said he was coachable. He went on to explain that with athletes at his level the differences were so small that any small advantage could be the difference between first and last place. He truly believed that because he was able to take what a coach saw as an area he could improve and work hard to correct small flaws made him the Olympic athlete that he was today. This got me thinking about what else in life could be improved if we listened to our coaches. I know that if I listened and applied all that my Doctor recommended I would be healthier and weigh less. I know that if I listen to my wife she will keep me from making the social mistakes that I am prone to make. If I listen to my boss I will have a better chance of a promotion. If I listen to my financial planner I will have a better chance of a secure financial future. The real question is why do we not listen when we know it is in our best interest. I wish I had a better answer than I don’t know. I specialize in Social Security optimization and have spent a great deal of time understanding how the system works and can coach people how to get more out of their benefits. For me, it is hard to understand why anyone would not want to know how to get more out of a benefit they had worked so hard for their entire life. I see the best athletes going to coaches even as they are at the peak of their profession. The same should be true for us. No matter how good or well prepared we think we are, a good coach can identify areas we can get better. For 99% of Americans, Social Security is the largest retirement asset, yet only 2% get the maximum benefit. In my book, that means 98% of people should hire a coach to improve their benefits. It is easy and I am here to help.



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