Busy Week

by | Oct 26, 2016 | News and Updates

This week started with a series of 3 educational events.

The first was a pilot program sponsored by Municipal Benefits with the Town of Apex. Special thank you to Eleanor Green for working with us and gathering a great group of employees to learn about how to best use Social Security. We discussed how the variables such as age, work history, marital status and how long you expect to live impact how you should claim for benefits. At the end of the pilot program the overwhelming response was we need to be doing this every year. I take that as a positive for moving forward with other municipalities.

Next up was the second client event for Jolley Asset Management. The event was hosted at Benvenue Country Club in Rocky Mount NC. With a packed house, we discussed how to best use Social Security with your other assets and even had a great conversation about second marriages and the special provision that allows people over 60 to remarry and choose which benefit is best for them. I love providing these educational events for financial advisors and I think their clients like hearing from an expert on an important topic.

Finally, today I had the privilege of presenting at the Rockingham County Retirement Day. This event was sponsored by the county for their employees and featured topics and speakers familiar with the State Retirement, Social Security, State 401(k) plan and Estate Planning. This was probably one of the most engaging groups I have spoken with and they had great questions. At this event, we spent some time discussing the impact and traps of the Social Security leveling program offered through the state.

It is through events like these that I can help many people have a better understanding of how to leverage Social Security in retirement. After the events, they are all encouraged to visit my website to either review the material covered or share with a spouse or friend that was not able to attend. In all cases I am sure they now have a much greater understanding of the myths and truths of Social Security and once they get their analysis will be able to make an educated decision based on facts. In my book that is a win. Thanks to all three groups for making this happen. If you would like to schedule an educational event, contact me directly for details.



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