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It happens all too frequently on Twitter. Someone without any credentials writes a piece that says you should always take Social Security as early as possible. Their rationale is that you may have to live to your early 80’s to break even. What they fail to understand is that Social Security is often not based on a single life but the joint life of a married, divorced or widowed spouse. Social Security is very complex and something I learned long ago is to never say always.The other is to look at the source. I hope that I have become a respected source of information. I know I have with advisors and now that I am making my services available to individuals I hope they look to me for unbiased advice. In case you are having second thoughts, I would like to reference Michael Kitces who I respect greatly for his knowledge and insight. He too sees the value in evaluating Social Security and agrees that if you think you will live a long time you should maximize your Social Security benefits. He wrote a great piece for IMCA Investments and Wealth Monitor. It is tweets like this that cause people to make bad decisions for their retirement. My advice is have an analysis performed based on your unique facts and make a decision based on facts instead of what someone says on Twitter.

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