I have heard that I could get half of my Spouse’s benefit when I retire? Is this true?

by | Sep 7, 2016 | Questions and Answers

Answer: It depends. The spouse is entitled to the greater of half of their spouse’s benefit or all of their own benefit whichever is greatest. If you turned 62 by December 31, 2015, you may be grandfathered in and eligible to use the restricted application for spousal benefits only. This would allow you to get half of your benefit at full retirement age and let your own benefit grow to age 70. If you did not turn age 62 by that date you fall under what is known as deemed filing and you automatically get the greatest of all benefits you are eligible for when you file. This would be the greater of half of your spouse’s benefit or all of your benefit. As a side note, your spouse must have either filed for benefits or if eligible filed and suspended if they were eligible.

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