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Social Security

Why is Social Security education important?

• Would you like to have more money in retirement?

• How about leaving more monthly income for your spouse?

• Have you been divorced or widowed?

• Does fear keep you from making a great decision about retirement?

There is a false narrative out there that Social Security will not be there when people need it. Education and analysis is critical to making good decisions that will impact your retirement. We are experts and the bottom line is with the combination of education and analysis you will have all the facts to make a great decision about your retirement income. As our way of giving back, we have on demand videos to help you make the best choices about Social Security.

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Long Term Care

Long Term Care is one of the most overlooked elements of retirement. There is a perception that it is unaffordable and that if you don’t use it you lose it. Fortunately, in the past couple of years there have been many new products introduced that allow you to use insurance for multiple purposes. So, in essence you are simply relocating assets on a balance sheet. If you need the benefits for Long-Term Care it is there, if you need it for income it is there, and if you die there is a death benefit that is paid to your heirs. The key is knowing when and how to purchase. We consult on issues like these to first help you understand what is available, why it is critical to your retirement, and how to best pay for the coverage. Like most insurance products no one product is best for everyone. By remaining independent I can provide advice on multiple levels to help match needs with the options available. There is probably no single decision in retirement that can have as great an impact on you and your spouse’s retirement than a long-term care event. Let’s discuss this before it becomes an issue. To learn more about the program contact us directly.

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Consulting Services

Do you ever just have questions? Or would you like a second unbiased opinion of your unique situation. I have specialized in retirement planning for over 24 years and have helped individual and small businesses evaluate everything from mortgages, to cashflow, to insurance needs, to investment analysis, and just about any other situation that they would like another independent opinion on their unique situation. I do not provide cookie cutter plans that push products, but rather checklists of items that need attention and direction of where to best meet their needs. I have not managed money since 2008 and have no plans to do so in the future and can either work with your existing financial relationship or recommend some new ones if needed. Retirement is too important to not fully comprehend all your options and all too often products take priority over planning.

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"For most of my professional life, I have worked in retirement planning. I have been a financial advisor, had my own Registered Investment Advisory firm and created a Retirement Education company..."

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Additional Retirement Planning Services


Over the last 6 years, I have become known as an expert in Social Security. My company started as a resource for education, analysis and consulting on the subject. For the last 7 months, I have been deeply involved in retirement planning for an insurance company and have seen firsthand that there are many other issues that need to be addressed in retirement. For this reason, I am expanding my company to better meet the increasing needs of people planning for and entering retirement.

In addition to continuing to provide expert analysis of Social Security benefits at a reasonable price, I am increasing the educational opportunities on the subject to individuals and financial professionals. Social Security remains the single biggest asset for most people in retirement making it imperative for individuals to learn how to skillfully manage this critical part of retirement planning.

So, what is new?

  • Asset location consulting. Knowing where and when to locate and take strategic withdrawals can have a significant impact on how long your money will last. This consulting works in conjunction with your Social Security strategy, because just optimizing your money from Social Security is only half of the equation. Minimizing the drawdown of assets is the second part; paying the minimum amount of taxes will help you optimize your retirement resources.


  • Long-Term Care consulting. There is probably no greater threat to your retirement than a long-term care event. With costs exceeding $80,000 per year for one person, very few portfolios can withstand this type of financial impact. Fortunately, there are many ways to address this need.
    • Self-funding the cost
    • Traditional pay as you go Long-Term Care policies
    • Asset Based Life and Annuity Long-Term Care policies that provide benefits
    • Qualified Asset Long-Term Care policies for IRA’s
    • Critical and Chronic riders to Life Insurance policies

There are many options available. I have been training agents across the country on how to use these products and now I am making my knowledge available to everyone.


  • Hourly Consulting. Over the past few years, individuals and small businesses have engaged my services to review their financial plans. From mortgage analysis to stock options I have found there is a need for people to get unbiased advice on various topics. I do not provide a cookie cutter plan designed to encourage the purchase of a product; instead, I help identify areas that need improvement and provide actions steps for how to address each issue. Because it is charged on an hourly basis the client can determine how much they want to tackle with each engagement. I always provide a complimentary initial consultation and an estimate of services prior to engagement.

I am extremely excited that these new services will provide much-needed education and value to those seeking to utilize all their resources to their greatest potential. I am also pleased to be working with a faith-based healthcare company to help licensed agents provide an alternative to high-cost health insurance. It is my goal to continue to increase and improve my services to meet the critical needs in retirement planning.